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One of the benefits of living in NYC is fresh flowers on basically every block, thanks to the proliferation of neighborhood bodegas, delis, and florists.  You can get a small bunch of  free-form arranged gerbera daisies for $10 or pick up a beautiful French-cut short stem arrangement of peonies for….well, a lot more than that. But what to do when you want something in between, an artistic arrangement of flowers that doesn’t cost hundreds?

Enter H.Bloom, a subscription flower based business that hand delivers hand-tied, free-cut, fresh arrangements to your home or business on a monthly, bimonthly, or weekly basis.  They have several different floral collections, ranging from classic Park-Avenue to exotic to romantic, and all cultivated by florists who previously worked at places like the Four Seasons.  I had the opportunity to visit their floral studio for a flower arranging class a few weeks ago while enjoying wine and cheese.  Previous to the class, my idea of floral “arranging” was plunking a group of flowers in water but I learned how to make the above arrangement easily in an hour.  I picked up two important tips for flower arranging:

1. When arranging, make sure to remove all leaves from the level below the water line.  If you leave them on, the dying leaves will eventually drop into the water and make it moldy.

2. To get that pretty cascading circular floral shape like you see above, arrange stems one at a time and place the new stem over the base of existing flowers at a 45 degree angle and turn clockwise each time before adding a new stem.

Bundles of flowers range from $29 a bundle to $85 a bundle for orchids.  The least expensive option is the  ‘Arrange Your Own’ collection, where you can take the delivered selection of loose blooms and use the H.Bloom tutorial blog and videos to DIY. CEO Bryan Burkhart is able to keep costs lean by solving the two pricey flaws with typical florist models: “they pay for expensive retail space and operate with excessive spoilage.  Burkhart told us all that normal brick-and-mortar florists can have up to 65% spoilage.

Since launching earlier this year, it’s been a no brainer for restaurants such as Mario Batali’s Del Posto.  The service is currently exclusive to only NYC and Washington D.C. but is launching in more cities soon.  I think the service is a great way to treat yourself to a little luxury for under $30 a week, keep the blooms coming to Mom for Mother”s Day or a special occasion, and as a fun girls get-together. H.Bloom also offers flower arranging classes like the one I went to, for $150 a person for a 14 person class where you can receive hands-on instruction.  They provide the wine, cheese, flowers, and vases.



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