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My hair is a weird mixture of straight and wavy, which is the bane of my existence because I really just want it to be one or the other.  Especially since during the summer, my ideal hair look is a version of those long beachy waves that models are always sporting in magazines and my hair doesn’t make those a cinch to achieve.  I’ve recently discovered a new product that helps me to get them a lot more easily though and I’m totally hooked.

TIGI‘s new Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray is a godsend when you just want to spritz and go.  It’s infused with natural Sea Salt and once I spray it in, it helps give my hair more of the wave and a lot less of my boring straight locks.  I’ve tried a lot of Salt Sprays in my quest for beachy waves, but I find that the majority of them are really sticky and leave my hair crunchy, which I absolutely hate.  (The ’80’s are gone for a reason!)  TIGI’s version doesn’t do that at all though – I can actually run my fingers through my hair after I’ve used it and not have them get caught, which gives it major bonus points for me.  It also has this gorgeous scent to it – it’s a Tobacco Flower Noir fragrance, so it smells sort of smoky and interesting (but it’s not so strong that it would compete with your actual perfume).  I’ve been using it a lot lately because I really like the look it gives my hair and it takes under a minute to do.  Basically, I just blow dry my hair, then spritz in the Salt Spray, fluff, and go.  Voila!  Easy, beachy waves.  Genius!

TIGI products are available at a number of salons, and you can find more info on the brand at


  1. Jenny  |  16 June 2011 at 4:50 AM

    I have been using this for sometime now and I love it! I have really thick hair and like you I don’t like the crunchy look or feel. This product is amazing. The only thing I warm is don’t use alot of it at once. It will last you forever. It is my summer go to hair product. The smell is amazing!

  2. Stacey  |  16 June 2011 at 11:32 AM

    I know, the smell is great! Love it!

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