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I’ve said it before here recently, but I am super into nail polish lately.  I don’t know what it is – whether it’s a phase or just my new beauty obsession, but I’ve been collecting new colors at an alarmingly quick rate.  (Alarming only because there is literally no place in my closet to put them anymore.  The new ones are seriously in a bag under my kitchen table.  It’s terrible!) Zoya has two new collections for the summer – Sunshine and Summertime – and if you’re a fan of bold, bright shades for the warmer weather, you’re definitely going to want to check these out. 

Summertime is a collection of shades with a cream finish.  It’s a nice mixture of colors – there are purples, pinks, a red, and even a blue.  I’m not normally a huge fan of blue shades, but Breezi is really pretty.  It’s sort of a deep turquoise, not so bright that it’s in your face, but definitely not too subdued either.  I’m also into Areej, which is a dark pinkish-purple.  Perfect for a manicure on my shorter than normal nails (I’ve been packing for my move and my nails have taken quite a beating).  I really like the color coverage on these.  I didn’t need more than two coats for any of them and could’ve gotten by with only one for some of them.

If you’re someone who likes shimmery polishes, Sunshine is the collection for you.  The six shades in it all have a golden metallic sparkle to them, giving your nails a fun, playful look that’s nice during the warmer weather.  This collection also has an interesting mix of shades – everything from sparkly green to shimmery orange.  I’m a big fan of these kinds of shades on my toes and I’m going to have a really hard time deciding which one in this collection to try first because I like them all so much.  There’s definitely one that I’m learning towards though.  Faye is an absolutely gorgeous sparkly light purple shade, but that description really doesn’t do it justice because while it’s definitely purple, it’s not your basic version of that color.  It’s sort of a smoky light shimmer – very hard for me to describe (obviously!) but so, so pretty.  You’re definitely going to want to check it out yourself and I’ll bet you won’t be able to resist buying it.  My other favorite shade is Tanzy, a bright orange metallic shimmer.  Oranges and corals are so in this summer and you’ll be right on trend with this one.

If you’re someone who prefers neutral polishes, Zoya also has a new, smaller collection of nude shades out.  The Touch collection only has three shades in it, but they’re all very wearable.  Minka, Shay, and Pandora are all nude creams with a touch of metallic finish in them.  Lately I’ve been alternating my manicures between bright shades and nudes, so I just put Pandora on and I absolutely love it.  It’s dark enough that the colors stand out, but still totally neutral.  I can already tell I’ll be buying a back up shade of this one!

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