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kiehls ultra facial oil-free collection

My face and I are not getting along. She hasn’t been pleased with the sudden moodiness in weather; and I haven’t been pleased with her tendency to flake, shine and erupt into painful blemishes. It’s like, seriously, “Please make up your mind about who you want to be!”

Up until last month, she responded to the soothing moisture in Kiehl’s Ultra Facial collection, and I was able to keep her temper at bay with the occasional tea tree oil spot treatment. But since summer hit, it’s like we haven’t been speaking the same language. And once you add hormones to the mix, you REALLy don’t know what kind of drama is going to go down. Clearly, we need help.

kiehls facial fuel transformerFortunately, Kiehl’s has been paying attention to our woeful arguments. They recently left their Ultra Facial Oil-Free Collection at our doorstep, and even though my skin is usually very dry, we’ve decided to give it a shot. With a new oil-free, paraben-free, dye-free and fragrance-free cleanser, toner, lotion and eye cream, my skin is already acting more like she used to. And as for those painful blemishes, all we needed was a good facial, but I’ll save those details for my next post.

P.S. My husband and his skin haven’t been immune to the weather change either, so while I’m on Kiehl’s, I want to also share his latest skin savior: Kiehl’s new Facial Fuel Transformer Age Correcting Moisture Gel for Men, $30. It’s lightweight, anti-aging and (very important) free of obnoxious scents, it’s one of the few beauty products I’ve actually been able to get my husband to use. (That and Kiehl’s Eye Alert, $21.50.) Pass it along!

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