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So, I’ve spent the past month moving apartments and trying to clear my mind of all the clutter that I’ve amassed over the last decade. While that means I’ve (shockingly) been spending less time obsessing over clothes and beauty products, it also means that I’ve had plenty of time to obsess about furniture and textiles. Which brings me to my latest fascination: Dekor, yet another reason to avoid IKEA.

Dekor is just the type of browsing environment I love, as it lets you explore, sit down and pretend to “live” in someone else’s home. That someone is owner Isabelle Dahlin, who hails from Sweden and loves to mix and match pops of color and different materials and textiles — whatever makes her feel happy. Considering my husband enjoys minimalist, modern design and I favor global, eclectic trinkets, Dekor is the perfect inspirational experience for finding some sort of balance between the two worlds. I also love any store that invites you to wander and discover vintage, one-of-a-kind pieces and cool prints by artists such as Banksy, Diane Arbus, and more. If you’re into mid-century furniture or just looking for something unique to add visual elements of interest to your home, I definitely recommend checking it out.

Dekor is located in Echo Park at 2145 West Sunset Boulevard (at Mowhawk Street).

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