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We’ve been lucky here in L.A. recently and even though it’s been hot (and I’ve definitely turned my air conditioner on a lot) we’re still not suffering the way the rest of the country has been.  (I mean, I really feel for you people in Dallas.  107 degrees is no joke!)  I’ve also recently gotten back into my gym routine after a long stretch of months off that started with a sprained ankle and ended with me being lazy and spending too much time on the couch.  Going straight from work to the gym means that I have to take off my makeup first though, since I was scarred for life a few years ago when I forgot to do it and ran a few miles on the treadmill, only to get back in my car and look in the mirror and see long trails of mascara down both my cheeks.  I sort of looked like an extra in a horror movie, so now I always, ALWAYS take off my makeup before I hit the gym.  Lately, I’ve been using LUSH’s Breath of Fresh Air to do that.  It’s a toner that comes in two different sizes and the 3.3 ounce bottle is perfect to throw in your gym bag.  It also has a convenient spray nozzle, but rather than spray it right on my face, I spritz it onto a cotton pad and then use that to make sure I get all my makeup off.  (Although I don’t use it on my eyes – I use eye makeup remover for that because toners aren’t meant for the eye area).

Breath of Fresh Air smells amazing – it sort of smells like a strong sea breeze with a hint of eucalyptus.  The scent almost immediately relaxes me every time I put it on.  There’s just something about it that takes you out of the moment and lets you pretend that you’re sitting on a tropical beach with a drink in your hand.  The toner itself is great.  I have sensitive skin and it’s not harsh or irritating, but it still manages to get rid of any dirt, makeup or oil on my face while leaving my skin soft and smooth.  It’s my new pre-gym must-have!

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