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Poor bras–for all their lace and finery, they emerge scraggly and twisted versions of their better selves from the washing machine. We all know by now that washing bras in the machine is a no-no, but let’s be honest–they’ve crept in there every once in a while.  The Berry Ball is here to make sure that when that urge arises, your precious bras are protected from the wash and rinse cycle.  It’s a hinged plastic ball that opens to fit one or two of your delicates, with small slats throughout for detergent to filter through.  A little scrubbing ball with soft rubber spikes goes into the ball to gently roll back and forth to scrub your goodies once you throw it into the washing machine alongside your other washables.

Warning, the ball does err slightly on the larger side so it doesn’t fit in small washing machines, but medium to large ones fit perfectly fine. I used it on two occasions and loved it–even my laciest bras didn’t show signs of wear and tear and remain unchanged. The only thing I wish is that it could fit more than one or two bras since it’s so convenient.  The Berry Ball also comes with a small mesh Berry Perry bag for washing delicate underwear that you can throw it alongside.  The Berry Ball retails for $14.

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  1. Sia  |  11 October 2011 at 6:25 PM

    What a great idea and not expensive at all. It’s amazing what you find when you surf the net. I am going to get one.

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