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We think she’s pretty … without any makeup on ...

Well, this weekend I saw Katy Perry in concert, courtesy of Proactiv, and she had a LOT of makeup on. But I still left the show with three things on my mind: the lyrics to “California Gurls” (unavoidable), Katy’s Snow White complexion and her lust-worthy sequin mary janes.

Katy Perry courtesy of ProactivAfter a few hours of inspired shopping and snooping, I found some reasons for us all to embrace our inner K.P.:

While Katy apparently got her gorgeous pumps from Giorgio Armani, the rest of us could use some help from Jimmy Choo. These sexy champagne Lace Glitter Mary Jane Pumps (above left) and silver Mary Jane Glitter Pumps not only have a similar vintage-y look but are great for summer nights out singing “T.G.I.F.” in a tiny black dress.

As for Katy’s “flawless” skin, well, here’s a news flash for those of us who don’t know: She’s had her fair share of embarrassing acne breakouts. (See for yourself!) I’d like to say that makes me feel better about the occasional flare-up, but it doesn’t; acne sucks.

Katy reportedly does damage control with Proactiv green tea moisturizer (speaking of “Teenage Dreams”…) and visits to the Ole Henriksen spa in Los Angeles. But as much as I love Ole Henriksen, I think I may have to rely more on the Proactiv … especially after buying those mary janes. 😉


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