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For the overthreaded, the overwaxed, the overplucked, Sania’s Brow Bar is here to take in your huddled masses. She is the Florence Nightingale to your poor, much-harassed brows. A former brow specialist at Bergdorf Goodman, Sania is the specialist for those who are over every-three-week maintenance, and want easy to maintain, natural arches.

I myself am not even that crazy of an eyebrow threader, compared to some of my friends who have longstanding appointments set in stone every month.  It’s partially due to laziness and because I find it really them really hard to maintain post appointment. The hairs that grow in post-appointment migrate all over and in different directions so I can’t get them back to their perfect shape. I don’t love waxing, because I feel like the skin around my brows is really sensitive afterwards and stretches the skin out. It was a relief to come to Sania who pressed the reset button on my much maligned brows.

When examining my face, her first question was, “Do you put lotion on your brow?” I confusedly replied, probably, yes sometimes and she told me she could tell, as lotion really diminishes eyebrow growth. Note for anyone trying to grow them out—avoid putting foundation and lotion on them! She pointed out areas underneath the edges and arches where there had been overzealous removal, a problem I didn’t even think I had since my brows tend to be on the healthy side.  During the 15-20 minute appointment, Sania dispeled nuggets of wisdom to maintain my brows, pointing out where my brows should begin and end and giving me visual indicators of where I should pluck. Most importantly, she told me it’s important for me to pluck my brows in one direction–being Asian, a common characteristic is that our brows tend to grow in different directions, so an important part of shaping is to brush them all in one direction to restore order.

Brow experts like the world-famous Anastasia often remark that a good brow is the equivalent of a no-surgery facelift, and while no one has asked if I’ve had work done (it would be concerning if they did, considering I’m in my 20’s), I can see that these newly shaped brows frame my face and draw more attention to my eyes. And it’s just nice to not feel unkempt and to be given a manageable shape I can prune myself, only visiting every 6-7 weeks.

Sania’s Brow Bar is located at 18 West 56th Street. 212.247.1129. It runs around $55 for a brow shaping, which is definitely pricier than a threading, but I find the effects last longer.


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