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I’m so enamored with OPI‘s new fall Touring America collection because it’s my dream right now to just pack up, take a few weeks off work, and head out for a long road trip to see the country.  (Of course, I’d like to do this while also staying in 4 star hotels at night and eating at nice restaurants along the way, so I don’t know that my idea of a road trip exactly corresponds to what other people like to do on them, but I’m fine with that).  Touring America has twelve new shades in it and they’re a really fun mix of lights and darks, brights and jewel tones – just enough variety to keep things interesting.  The whole collection is great, but (of course) I have some favorites. 

No matter how much I try to break myself of the habit, I’m still really into grey shades.  I just can’t get enough of them.  So of course, I gravitated towards both French Quarter for Your Thoughts and Suzi Takes the Wheel.  French Quarter is a light dove grey, while Suzi Takes the Wheel has a slight greenish tint to it.  Very pretty neutrals, without being boring at all.  Road House Blues is another interesting shade because in the bottle, it looks purple to me, but on my nails, it’s a dark inky sapphire shade with only a very slight touch of purple in certain lights.  I was a late convert to the dark blues, but now I love them, especially on shorter nails as a manicure shade.  Color to Diner For is a rosy-red that has a touch of shimmer to it.  It’s a nice balance between a classic red and something a little funkier.  I Brake for Manicures is oddly enough one of my favorites in the collection.  (I say that only because I’m not usually a purple girl).  It’s a deep eggplant-plum shade that I could totally see wearing on both your fingers and toes.  Very mysterious and vampy.  Perfect for fall!

OPI’s Touring America collection is available in stores and on  (If you haven’t visited their site recently, I highly suggest doing it so you can play around with their “Try on This Color” option.  It lets you virtually try on any of their shades, while also allowing you to adjust the skin tone and nail length the shade shows up on.  So much fun!)

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