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Dr. Robin Schaffran is a Beverly Hills-based board certified dermatologist and has been treating patients for over 10 years. Today, she’s a go-to expert on children’s skincare and speaks extensively about skin cancer prevention. Most recently, this do-it-all doctor and mom has launched her own line of moisturizer. Find out more about her current obsessions below!

ONE. Dr. Robin Moisturizer — I created this ceramide-based moisturizer for children, keeping in mind those kids with the most sensitive skin, prone to eczema and dryness. If I do say so myself, it’s amazing – the formula is elegant and while most ceramide moisturizers are derived from synthetic ingredients, this formula uses rice-bran ceramides, coconut oil, safflower oil and my signature ingredient, organic quinoa protein for added hydration. It may have been formulated for kids but it’s great for anyone who wants a gentle, silky smooth cream.

TWO. Child Perfume — I know, the name is not appropriate for a grown woman (one with children no-less) but the scent never fails to garner compliments, even from complete strangers. It smells exotic yet clean and I never tire of it.

THREE. Taryn Rose “Fierce” Open-toe Pumps — Being on my feet all day long requires me to be really picky about what shoes I can reasonably wear. Taryn Rose makes shoes that feel as good as they look. She’s a trained orthopedic surgeon so you can be sure she understands how feet work. The shoes are italian made, cute looking and with enough support to walk in them all day long.

FOUR. Weekend Getaway at San Ysidro Ranch — When my husband and I need to run away from our children and truly indulge, San Ysidro Ranch is our go-to place. It’s the ultimate California getaway. Luxurious and romantic, it is merely a short drive from Los Angeles yet when you are there it feels like being hundreds of miles from home. Even better, they allow dogs, so if you can’t leave your pooch behind, you can bring them along for the ride.

FIVE. Modern Bite — I have a huge sweet tooth and I also love to eat food that looks beautiful. That’s why I’m in love with the baked goods from These desserts are not only mouth-watering delicious, each one is like a work of modern art. They will ship nationally and do custom orders as well. They are my go-to gift for friends near and far.

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