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Continuing their tradition of making me love every single thing they come up with, Benefit’s new addition to their popular fragrance collection, Ring My Bella, doesn’t just have a cute name, it has a delicious fruity floral scent that I adore.

I’ve said it a million times, but I always find it kind of bizarre how I rarely like straight floral scents, but any time a few fruity notes are mixed in as well, I inevitably fall in love.  It’s just a combo that works for me.  Ring My Bella is an interesting mix of notes – it has summer daisy layered with Egyptian jasmine, white patchouli, vanilla tincture and white musk (among other things) and the result is a seductively warm scent that’s complex enough for evening, but light enough for work too.  It’s so pretty and feminine and perfect for the transition into cooler weather.  (Which better happen soon because Los Angeles is still ridiculously hot and I’ve had enough.  I want to wear my new boots!)

It also has the cutest packaging ever, housed inside a slim box that looks like a lingerie store.  Even one of the guys I work with picked it up off my desk and said, “Wow, this is cool!”  How often does that happen?  Definitely a winner!

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  1. Danielle  |  2 October 2011 at 3:39 PM

    I love the packaging, I wonder how it smells.

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