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I recently went to a blogger event at the Rossano Ferretti Hairspa in Beverly Hills, where I had the pleasure of getting a Shu Uemura Art of Hair conditioning treatment and a blowout. Let me tell you, they sure know how to treat a client. I was immediately impressed by the staff’s honesty, grace, personal attention and passion for hair.

While I didn’t have time for a haircut, I did watch lead stylist Michele Finessi work his magic on another blogger’s hair, and I was extremely flattered when he began spontaneously studying my face I was getting the conditioning treatment. “I want to cut,” he said in his heavy Italian accent, gesturing with his hands. He recommended taking off some weight (I’m in that weird in-between stage) and keeping the length just above my chin in the front to expose my “beautiful” jawline. (Seriously, I wanted to hug him.)

Then, when it came time for my blowout, stylist Christian Serafini used a diffuser on my naturally straight hair to bring out whatever slightly wavy, sexy texture he could find. During what felt like a 45-minute hair massage, I thought, “Wow, my hair looks messy.” But afterward, I thought, “Wow I feel like sex on a stick!” (I have NEVER used a diffuser on my hair. I’m buying one right away.)

The staff is trained in the Metodo Rossano Ferretti, which means they embrace and work with the “natural fall of the hair” in order to “enhance the individual beauty of every client” and create a “haircut that is like a work of art.” So, rather than directly copy a celebrity’s hairstyle or color, they prefer to study your face, your skin tone, and the direction in which your hair moves in order to create the ideal hair design (not just style) for you. It’s a subtle thing but it really does add something unique to the salon experience—like having your own personal hair tailor for the day.

Another thing that makes this salon unique is its layout. It was still in the final phases of interior decoration when I went, but it has a classic yet minimalist apartment feel to it — all black and white with touches of color and texture. Approximately 14 chairs line the walls for haircuts and blow-dry sessions, and a shiny counter in the middle of the salon is used for color sessions. (In an effort to make you feel more comfortable and beautiful, they’ve designed the salon so you shouldn’t have to look in the mirror during the coloring process.) Some of my favorite touches were the comfy ergonomic chairs in the sink area, where the neck supports were padded with leather. Upstairs, “the Mezzanine” serves as a VIP room with a back entrance that allows VIP clients to have a more private hair affair.

Overall, I left the salon thinking I would go back for a cut and color soon, which is always a great feeling. If you’re planning your Fall 2011 hair transformation or just want some sexy VIP treatment, put on your best red lipstick and head over to Rossano Ferretti. You won’t be disappointed.

Rossano Ferretti Hairspa is located at 345 North Canon Drive in Beverly Hills, Calif. To make an appointment, call 310-598-6780.


  1. Cheryl  |  4 January 2012 at 7:23 PM

    I had Christian Serafini attempt to cut my hair – it was the worst cut ever- infact all he did was use the sissors and went thru my beautiful head of hair & proceeded to thin it out- I asked for a bob. All he needed to do was cut the back & wait for the front to grow out. My hair has all these split ends and will take another year before it grows back to what it once was. He needs to go back to school. He might know about blow drys but NOTHING about a cut or a style. After he snipped the first lock of hair he said “here we go.” Like we were on a ride at Disneyland. It took him one hour & 15 minutes to botch my hair. I will never go back to that salon. –
    No Bob Hairstyle

  2. Maria  |  29 January 2012 at 8:36 AM

    I had a haircut at their Paris Salon. It was the worst hair cut of my life!!! I went into the salon with lovely long hair in great condition. The hair dresser thinned my hair (my hair is naturally thin), this gave me lots of split ends, as it exposed the hair cuticles. At home my hair was unmanageable; I remember having to got out to dinner with friends, and feeling so embarrassed because my hair looked a mess, because my hair did not look groomed. Now I have to wait for a year for my hair to grow back! As a mixed race person my hair is my crown, and glory because I have normal hair! So needless to say when I was left with this mop of mess I felt depressed for months. I wanted to write to the website, and complain; showing them before photos, and after photo’s but my hairdresser (based in Mayfair, London) said that they are obviously charlatans, and that a good hairdresser would NEVER try to enforce a cutting technique on every single head of hair that sits down in your chair. He said not to waste of time as they wouldn’t care. NICE!

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