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About four months ago, I had the honor of dogsitting an adorable white English bulldog. Life changes when you have a dog (even temporarily)—you start to plan your lunch breaks and work quitting times around the dog’s schedule.  You can be persuaded to be dragged out of bed at 6 am when you hear puppy whining and scratching at the door. But apart from the adorableness, the other part of your life that changes is the smell of your apartment.

Puppies emit a kind of wet smell and I noticed it permeating throughout my small 3 bedroom after a few days. It’s not exactly a horrible scent, but you never want someone entering to think your apartment reeks of eau de animal. To combat the smell, I tried a few things: Febreeze, perfume, opening windows but nothing seemed to work, except for certain diffusers and candles. This worked out well since one of my roommates is a secret pyro anyway. My favorite 3 scents to de-dogify my apartment:

1.  Thymes Candles are some of my favorite because the scents are beautiful, without being too strong or cloying. I have a sensitive sense of smell, so even sitting next to an overly arduous cologne sprayer on the 6 train can make me nauseous.  Thymes’s newest scent, Bergamot Vert, was my favorite combatant to doggy smell. As you can tell from the name, Bergamot Vert is a citrus-based scent with lingering scents of jasmine, red currant, and white musk.  It’s zesty and fresh–like inhaling a bowl of fresh lemons. I imagine George Clooney’s villa in Capri smells much like this candle. Bergamot Vert also is available as a body wash, bar soap, hand lotion, and bubble bath.

2.  Voluspa Candles – Tempted by the merchandiser’s trap (the knick knacks by the cashier while you wait on line),  I found these at Anthropologie. I was first drawn in by the beautifully patterned tin and then by the sensuous gardenia scent. Gardenia is one of my favorite, preferred home scents, but it’s harder to find than you would think.  I suspect it’s because gardenias are so expensive and difficult to distill. The Gardenia Colonia scent is creamy, without being overly rich and transported my living room from doggy playground to English garden party.  Best of all, it’s one of the best value candles ever. Most candles will run you up somewhere on average of $30-ish dollars, but this none-too-small two wick candle is $18. It’s no wonder that I always find boxes for Voluspa candle in our trash room whenever new residents move onto the floor.

3. Saint Pafum Diffusers –  High quality oils in fragrance diffusers are a must—you can only have the purest and best of oils since it’s one of the strongest ways to diffuse scent. If you don’t have a high quality oil, you’ll find that it gives off a faux, overly-sweet artificial scent a la Glade plug-ins.  Saint Parfum is one of the best–it’s annually in the Vogue gift guide roundup as a favorite hostess gift. I gifted one to my mom, thanks to a sale on One Kings Lane, to combat the scent of our Pekingese, Sushi. She loved it—I choose one of their classics, the Jasmine and the smell is so genuine. It reminds my mom and I of a jasmine plant we used to cultivate in our background—imagine a garden of that times a thousand. It smells that good.

Do you have any favorite candles or diffusers? Share in the comments!

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