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Target is one of my favorite weekend destinations (sad, I know…) so whenever they add to their greatness, I’m always excited.  They’ve just introduced a new line of face and body products called NIP + FAB and so far, I’m loving the three products I got a chance to preview.  The line was created by Maria Hatzistefanis to fill a gap that she saw in the marketplace for a serious, affordable mass-market range of products for both men and women and has already been a smashing success in the UK.  There are nineteen products in the line and out of those, I was able to try the Dry Leg Fix, the Eye Fix and the Scrub Fix. 

The Dry Leg Fix is an intensive balm used for moisturizing dry legs.  It’s filled with all sorts of great ingredients, like Shea Butter, Glycerin and Mineral Oil, and it’s not greasy at all (my pet peeve in a moisturizer).  A little goes a long way (as I discovered the first time I tried it and way, way over-used it.  I ended up using the Dry Leg Fix on my arms, my back, my neck, etc… just because I didn’t want to waste it and it worked great on those places too).  I’ve been using it after my shower at night and have been waking up with smooth, silky legs (which sounds like a pantyhose commercial!)  It even got rid of some small flaky patches around my ankles.  Score!

The Eye Fix is a brightening concealer that also includes an eye cream in the formula.  It comes in a pen with a brush applicator, so it’s easy to apply, and it does a great job of concealing my dark circles.  It has hyaluronic acid in it for hydrating and plumping fine lines, cucumber extract for soothing and reducing puffiness, and light reflecting particles to bright and conceal dark circles.  I’m always on the lookout for a good, cheap under eye concealer and at only $9.95, this one’s a bargain.

The last of the products I tested out is the Scrub Fix.  It’s a facial polish that acts as a micro-foliant to exfoliate your skin.  You can use it 1-2 times a week to decongest and rejuvenate your face and I’m loving the fact that it’s cleansing without being too abrasive and its fresh, clean scent.  If your skin could use a little brightening up, this is your product.

NIP + FAB products have just made their way into Target stores, but you can also find them at or at

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  1. GIGI  |  5 January 2012 at 9:55 AM

    I purchased the product from Target online but I have not been able to find it in the store-if there any reason why? or whereelse can I find it – I rather go to the store and buy it- I am from Miam Fl zip: 33196-the people from Target don’t even know the product. please advise I really like the product and I almost done with the one I ordered.
    Thank you, waiting for your promt answer


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