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I never really thought that I liked matte lips, although admittedly I hadn’t tried on a matte lipstick in a very long time.  But recently, I got the chance to try some of Chanel’s new Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colours and now I’m all over the matte trend.

One of the main reasons that I’d avoided matte shades is because I thought they’d be drying, but these aren’t at all.  They have as much moisture in them as all my “regular” lipsticks, so that fear was put to rest immediately.  There are eight shades total, ranging from a few bright colors to other, more subdued neutrals, which were my favorite of the bunch.  (Although shade 41 L’Exquise, a deep red wine shade, is probably my first pick out of the ones I tried.  It’s just so rich and sophisticated).  I like that all the shades are highly-pigmented – these aren’t lipsticks you’ll have to put three layers on to see any color, which is my pet peeve in a lot of lipsticks.  They’re vibrant and colorful right from the first touch.  I also like that although the finish is definitely matte and not glossy, it’s not a formula that settles into the lines on your mouth.  There are no Grandma lips here!  All in all, any of these would make a great addition to your lipstick wardrobe.  Plus, the case is so chic and I love the way you push on the bottom to get the lipstick out.  It means there’s no way that any of the shades will wind up all over the inside of your purse and since that just happened to me with another lipstick and ruined a bunch of things inside, I’m very happy about it.  I heart Chanel!

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