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It’d been far, far too long since I’d visited a spa for some pampering, so when the chance came to try out Ona Spa in Los Angeles, a place I’d always been curious about, I jumped at the chance.  Originally, I was just going to go in for a facial, but strangely enough, the week before my appointment was scheduled, I started to get this weird shooting pain in one of my arms.  Being a semi-hypochondriac, I of course panicked and became convinced that I was dying, but then my friend suggested that it might be from stress since I could feel how tight my muscles were.  She sounded like she knew what she was talking about, so I decided to add a massage to my day in the hopes that it would help and luckily, they were able to accommodate me.

I showed up for my appointment bright and early on a Saturday (okay, fine, it was noon, but that counts as bright and early on the weekend after a long week of work).  The space is cozy and welcoming, and once you’re inside, you’d never know that busy Los Angeles traffic is waiting for you just out the door.  I snuggled into a big, comfy robe and lounged in a chair sipping a delicious coconut tea and reading fashion magazines (so relaxing!) until I was called in for my massage.  My technician’s name was Siri and she impressed me right away once I was on the table by assessing me and then asking if I was having trouble lifting my right arm.  I told her that I was and she said that it was because of the big knot on the right side of my back.  I told her to do whatever she needed to work it out and she warned me that it might hurt, but honestly, I was fine with that if it meant the pain would go away afterwards.  Well, Siri wasn’t kidding!  Having someone work out the kinks on a huge knot is definitely not one of the most soothing things in the world, but it actually started to feel kind of good after awhile, knowing that she was helping get my body back to normal.  And on the rest of my body, the pressure was fabulous.  Siri asked me if I was comfortable with it as she went along, so I was able to let her know if certain areas needed more or less pressure and totally enjoy having the rest of my body worked on.  And the effects afterwards were fabulous.  The muscles in my back that she had worked on so diligently twinged for about a day or two, then after that, my arm was totally back to normal since the knot was gone.  No more shooting pain, no more not being able to lift it… nothing.  It was so delightful and it made me realize two things – I need to find a much better way to deal with all my stress, and I need to start booking myself way more massages to keep my body running as well as it should be!

I had been booked for an anti-aging facial with Ingrid as well, but I actually sort of screwed things up when I got there by asking if my massage could be extended to work out the knot.  (Not something I normally do, but seriously, it was so painful).  Once we did that, there wasn’t enough time in Ingrid’s schedule to give me a full facial, so she went ahead and did a few quick services on me.  I’ll definitely be making a return trip to see her again and get the full facial experience though because what she did was great.  Extractions are never pleasant, but she made them bearable (I didn’t once wince in pain, like I normally do!) and my skin felt so clean and refreshed when I stepped off her table after she cleansed it and put on a mask.  We also bonded over our mutual love of the Clarisonic – it’s good to know that even the pros are fans of that device because I adore mine.

If you live in L.A. (or are just visiting) this is a great time to check out Ona Spa because they’re currently celebrating their 10 year anniversary and have been offering specials to mark the occasion.  In the month of November, that special includes the new Mind/Body/Spirit Treatment, which is either a healing acupuncture or cupping session with technician Sherrie Matthews.  And as a bonus, Sherrie’s services will be offered with a 15% discount in November.  Even more reason to try one (or more) of them!

Ona Spa is located at 7373 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.  To make an appointment, call (323) 931-4442.

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