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I feel like the holiday sets I’ve played around with this year so far have all been fabulous.  I can’t remember another year when I walked into Sephora and literally oohed and aahed my way from aisle to aisle.  So much fun stuff!  Now that I’ve played around with some of LORAC‘s holiday offerings, I can add my obsession with them to the list. 

If you’re a lipgloss addict, you’re definitely going to want to pick up the Bejeweled Lip Gloss Collection.  For only $25, you get six different full-sized glosses.  That’s a crazy bargain, especially once you realize all the shades are totally wearable (there’s no duds in the set).  The colors include Red Ruby (red), Peach Moonstone (peach), Hot Pink Sapphire (bright pink), Rich Garnet (dark cherry), Pink Diamond (opalescent light pink) and Bronze Topaz (bronze).  I like that they have a light, fresh scent and that the shades are on the sheer side.  They’re perfect for daytime or for layering over lipstick at night.  They’re all so shimmery too.  Nothing says the holidays more than shimmer, right?  They even have little sparkly bits in the caps to make them even more festive.  I can already tell my sister will be grabbing these from my stash the next time she comes over.

The Bejeweled Eye Shadow Palette Trio is an ULTA exclusive and has three different shadow palettes, each with four shadows inside, for only $34.  So again, a fabulous bargain.  That’s twelve shadows for less than three dollars apiece.  Sign me up!  The packaging is super cute with different color gemstones on the lid of each so you’ll be able to spot them easily in your makeup drawer.  Two of the palettes lean more towards neutral shades, with browns, bronzes and gold shades, but the third, the Amethyst Palette, has a gorgeous collection of smoky plum shades that I totally fell in love with.  All four shades are shimmery and together they pair up for a fabulous smoky eye.  So dramatic and pretty, especially when paired with a nude lip.

The jewel (ha ha) of the holiday collection though is the Bejeweled Day & Night Jewelry Box.  There is so much makeup in this one piece, you could seriously get stranded on a desert island with just this and be fine until you got rescued.  It has 2 Eye Liner Pencils (Dark Brown and Black), 2 High-shine Lip Glosses (Rose and Peach), a Bronzer, and then two different Face Palettes – Day, which has 16 eye shadows and a blush, and Night, which also has 16 eye shadows and a blush.  It’s like adding an entire makeup wardrobe to your collection for only $56, especially with the wide variety of shades in it.  There are neutrals as well as bright colors, so you really get a huge amount of choices.  And if you can use a holiday or a Friends & Family coupon, even more the better.  Jewelry Boxes for everyone!

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