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Sponsored2013 Simple Beauty Resolutions

nyeEven though (I feel like) I know all the beauty and wellness rules, there are things that I know I can do better. So here are my four resolutions for a healthier, happier, and more beautiful New Year.

1. Drink more water — just starting with the basics here. Yes I know that I should drink plenty of water every day, but I’m totally guilty of reaching for coffee or (even worse) diet soda throughout the day (thanks –but no thanks — to free office beverages.) For 2013, I’m going to try to limit the coffee consumption to just one a day and reach for good ol’ ice water – or plain seltzer when I need to get a bubbly fix. After all, drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your skin (and health!)

2. Wash my face at night, every night. Even though I’m a huge fan of Simple’s Cleansing Wipes, I’m going to try to limit my usage of them to just touch ups throughout the day, rather than relying on them as my entire pre-bed routine at night. Instead, I’m going to give my face the proper cleansing and conditioning it deserves with Simple’s Moisturizing Facial Wash. And I’m also going to try a new tip that I recently learned – to take off all my makeup the second we’re home to minimize the risk of “being too tired” later on.

3. Find my next workout “obsession.” Throughout my life, I’ve had different workout obsessions whether it’s yoga, or running, or a 6 month period when I went spinning almost every day. Next year, I’d love to try something new and find something that I’m excited enough by to stick with – at least for long enough to see results. Taking recommendations for workout suggestions now!

4. Get into the habit of using an eye cream. I’ve never been completely committed to using eye cream, but I’ve noticed that the skin around my eyes could really use a little extra TLC. I’m going to start incorporating Simple’s Soothing Eye Balm regularly into my beauty routine to help keep the super sensitive skin moisturized and cared for.

What are your New Year’s Beauty resolutions? See you in 2013!

SponsoredA Meaningful Beauty End of Year

It’s been really great to end the year with the Meaningful Beauty partnership — not only has it introduced me to a fabulous line of skincare, but it also encouraged me to explore beauty in ways that I otherwise might have been too busy to think about. Things like consciously buying healthy and fresh food, spending more time being active outdoors, surprising friends and family with extra holiday gifts, incorporating more fresh juice into my diet, etc. — all activities I’ll make an effort to continue into the New Year! This week, post a very indulgent holiday, I’m starting on my 2013 Beauty Resolution early, and trying out some different work out classes to find one that I’ll love enough to stick to for a significant amount of time. Any reader recommendations are welcome!

I hope you all had a very meaningful holiday as well! And remember to share your 2013 Beauty resolutions on our Facebook page to enter to win a Meaningful Beauty kit of your own. For full contest rules, click here!



Hotels, TravelGrand Hotel Tremezzo

Grand Hotel Tremezzo
I sunk deep into a plush brocade love chair in the lobby of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo, a fresh cappuccino in hand, and sighed. Outside, the late afternoon sun warmed the pristine blue waters of Lake Como and I watched, transfixed, as it danced in sprite-like patterns across the surface ripples. Hotel lobbies are not my usual venues of choice for relaxation or inspiration, but there I was, sitting in one, in complete awe of the moment and willing time to pass just a little bit slower.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

At first glance, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo seems so spectacular, so ornate, that it left me feeling a little breathless as I took in the lavish tableau before me. Built as an Art Nouveau palace, the hotel is richly furnished in period décor, its soaring rooms painted in regal shades of red, blue, and gold, housing a wealth of antique art and artifacts. It didn’t take long however, before I oddly began to feel at home (the nicest one I could imagine having, that is) as I wandered into the more private and intimate areas of the property. A reading room, located right off the lobby, had an eclectic mix of brightly hued sofas positioned around coffee tables that gave it a residential feel. A little further down, a cozy game room, housing an authentic 1800s billiards table, beckoned as I walked past. Unable to resist, I completely ignored the fact that I didn’t even know how to play ball, and challenged my travel partner to a game of pool. READ MORE

Bath & Body, Beauty, MakeupBack to Basics

SW Basics Lip Balm Flights

I buy so many “big” name brand makeup and body care items that one of my favorite things is when I can discover a smaller, more indie brand that isn’t in every single store yet.  It feels like a great achievement, like I’m in on a secret that the rest of the world doesn’t know yet.  (Plus, it always feels good supporting smaller businesses).  My newest band obsession is S.W. Basics of Brooklyn.  All of their products are made in small batches by actual people (imagine that!) in Brooklyn and they’re ethically sourced with holistic ingredients.  It’s so nice to know that what you’re putting on your body doesn’t have any chemical or “bad” ingredients.  As the company says, their products are “super-simple, pared down blends of the absolutely essential ingredients needed for effective, truly all-natural skincare.”  READ MORE

FashionGiveaway: Meaningful Beauty 30 Day Skincare Set


When’s a better time to win the Meaningful Beauty 30 Day Skincare set than now that the holidays are winding down, and you’re thinking about a fresh start for the new year? We’ve been trying the kit for the past month and totally loving the results (not to mention the philosophy behind the skincare). And now we definitely want to share to give you the opportunity to try it out for yourself as well! Want to look Cindy Crawford Young? Here’s how:

  • “Like” on over to our Facebook page and tell us your New Year beauty resolution! Be sure to tag your entry with #CindyCrawfordYoung
  • On Monday December 31, we will announce the winner on our Facebook page — just in time for you to try out the new skincare for the New Year!

Happy holidays and good luck! x

Beauty, FashionHappy Holidays!

397231629602629818_z7Ui1xhx_cHappy Holidays from all of us at The Daily Obsession! We’ll be posting on an abbreviated schedule for this week to travel, enjoy time with our families, loved ones, and finally conquer those pending Netflix and book queues. But we wanted to thank you, dear readers, for being with us this year. We’re so grateful that we’ve gotten to know you better, and share our life experiences (and some of our favorite fashion and beauty finds.) But we wouldn’t leave you bored. In case you missed it, here are some of our favorite posts from the year of 2012:

– It’s the 11th hour, but still not too late. Here are our holiday gift guides: For GuysFor Foodies, For the Active Gal, For the Office

– Redheads, listen up! Charli interviews hair legend Marco Pelusi, who talked about his favorite haircolor and the trends to watch for 2013.

– Our first video ever at TDO. Carolyn gets all the tips and tricks from Cover Girl’s ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey, who explains how to get the perfect smoky eye and how to make your beauty looks camera-ready (and looking good in all those holiday pictures.)

– Stacey talks about a Chanel polish that gives her a sense of vertigo, the good kind.

– I talk about my version of The Top Shelf, sharing my beauty philosophy and beauty secrets from my mom (6-step skincare routine, hello.)

– Connie shares about what’s on her Editor’s Vanity, including a bobby pin with a hint of whimsy.

– Seafaring for the holidays? We’re jealous! And Liz has the perfect wrist accessory for your trip.

See you all in 2013!

Beauty, Mom & Kids, SkincareSweet Skincare Obsession: Elave


Every year, my skin is a super freak in the winter. It’s dry, it’s oily, it’s acne-prone, it’s all over the place — which is why I’m so glad Elave Skincare showed up in my mailbox! Originally conceived as a post-surgery treatment line by one of Ireland’s oldest pharmaceutical companies, it’s now one of Ireland’s top lines and fave of celebrity makeup artist Jemma Kidd. I can see why.

The Oil-Free Skin Balancing Cleansing Gel and Moisturizer, each $32, leave my skin feeling perfectly balanced and refreshed, and they are fragrance-free (always a plus in my book). They also contain Manuka honey, an anti-inflammatory/antibiotic agent. Formulated for sensitive skin types, Elave products are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, lanolin, formaldehyde and dyes.

There are 10 Elave products in the Elave Facial Range (for the face and neck), ranging in price from $8-$40. They even make baby cream. You can find Elave Skincare at Duane Reade Look Boutiques, Walgreens Look Boutiques, and

SponsoredDedicated: The Vaseline Cold Weather Challenge


One of my go-to brands for serious skincare during the winter is Vaseline (their classic Petroleum Jelly to spot treat chapped lips/hands/elbows/heels, anyone?) I love that it’s no-nonsense and highly effective, but when it comes to keeping me nourished from head to toe, obviously I can’t be applying that everywhere. Instead, these days I’m opting for their Vaseline Intensive Rescue line of lotions which utilize a moisturizing technology to penetrate the layers of skin to repair and keep it feeling comfortable and hydrated. Because this technology is designed actually to heal from within, instead of just create a barrier on top of it, you can actually start seeing natural changes to your skin after only a few uses. In fact, the lotion is proven to relieve dry skin after just one use and help heal dry skin in just three days. READ MORE

Beauty, MakeupThe Return of Sexy

The Return of Sexy

If you’re all booked up with holiday parties this season (and really, who isn’t?  I never thought I’d say this, but I could really use a night on my couch!) you’re going to definitely want to pick up Too Faced’s The Return of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette.  I think it might be my favorite shadow palette of the season, and that’s saying a lot because I’ve gotten my hands on some good ones this month.  READ MORE

Gift Guides2012 Holiday Gifts for the Guys


ONE:  Redken For Men Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo — Most guys can be a little clueless about products, but really appreciate it when you upgrade them to something nicer than what they usually use, even if that something is meant for every day grooming. Plus, I don’t know any dude that doesn’t love a good beer. So if you combine the two — luxurious product and a good beer — you get Redkens Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo. Because you know, Grit Happens. But Redken’s anti grit technology, with a premium blend of malt, brewer’s yeast and orange zest, will fix that. This sleek shampoo easily removes styling product buildup from clays or waxes (and those not-so-luxurious products) that our guys have learned to love. – Liz

TWO: Prismera Design Bull Bottle Opener – How handsome is this little guy? This bottle opener features beautifully carved wood, paired with brass horns and a leather tail – perfect for opening his (and your) alcoholic drink of choice throughout the year. Connie

THREE: ZoraaB Kit – So Ryan Gosling isn’t the man in your life — and the last hot date you had was when you went to see Magic Mike with your girlfriends. I feel you. But even if the man in your life turns out to be a lovably cantankerous little brother or an adorably “You don’t have to get me a gift” dad, the problem with shopping for dudes is that they don’t need anything. Am I right? So, in cases like this, you have to be a little bit of a Shopping Miss Cleo and intrinsically figure out what it is the dude in your life needs. And I’m here to tell you that the answer is socks. Yes, socks. I’m not talking about regular, old tube socks though. I’m talking about exaggerated polka dots, fine swiss miss dots, and bright yellow socks emblazoned with mustaches. New retail start-up ZoraaB has captured this concept, setting up an e-commerce store dedicated exclusively to men’s socks. The offerings all range in the under $30 range, curated to pick only the funnest, coolest, and most stylish socks. And if you think your man deserves a constant supply of socks, their subscription service (the ZoraaB Kit) sends over 2,3, or 5 monthly pairs dependent upon his style profile. So sock it to him, he won’t know what’s coming. Kathleen  READ MORE

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