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Having been a beauty blogger for over six years now, I’ve been lucky enough to learn from many of the top minds in dermatology about how to keep your skin healthy. There are so many opinions (and myths) out there about the best ways to take care of your skin- but regardless of brand or product affiliation, doctors and scientists all agree on a few important things.

 1.     Wear SPF every day regardless of weather

Everybody knows (hopefully) that hitting the beach without your trusty tube of SPF is a no-no, but doctors advise wearing protection every day regardless of if it’s sunny or not. Lack of sun protection is the leading culprit of a myriad of skin problems for people of all races and skin colors. Even in cloudy weather, harmful rays penetrate your skin causing all kinds of damage from premature aging to spots and pigmentation. In fact, sun damage can happen even if you are indoors by windows or while driving. To be safe, all dermatologists agree that applying a daily SPF is one of the most important things you can do to prevent skin problems.

2. Be gentle with your skincare routine even if you have problematic or oily skin.

I know when I was battling teenage acne, all I wanted to do was strip my skin of any oil by using the harshest products I could find. As it turns out, you’re not doing yourself any favors Not only does overusing harsh products aggravate existing skin problems, it can also cause more issues like tightness, redness, peeling and irritating of healthy skin. Instead, my doctors always recommended offsetting a medicinal product with a gentle moisturizer to help keep the skin calm.

Simple Skincare, a sensitive skincare brand I was introduced to years ago just launched in the USA with a great lineup of gentle products that are perfect for sensitive skin. They are the UK’s No. 1 Facial Skincare brand & have tapped me to be a brand ambassador for them this year. I’m super excited because I really love the products and now my bathroom will always be fully stocked with all the goodies.

 3.     More expensive skincare is always better

Sometimes I feel like I’ve tried almost every brand of skincare under the sun from organic/natural to drugstore to almost all kinds of prestige products. Recently I’ve noticed more and more expensive brands touting all kinds of “miracle ingredients”- even platinum – and then marking up the prices of the products even into the thousands! I took the opportunity to ask a non brand affiliated dermatologist if these ingredients worked well enough to warrant the high prices- and as it turns out most of these premium ingredients do not perform any type of miracles. So it’s always best to do your own research before buying into any kind of marketing hype.
4.     Topical products can dramatically reverse aging.

Once skincare damage or aging has occurred, it’s quite difficult to reverse or fix it with any kind of over the counter products you can buy. If you carefully read the labels of most skincare, they can only promise the “appearance” of younger skin- whether that’s temporarily plumping the area or using light diffusing ingredients to make the skin area look smoother. The truth is, most anti-aging products can only do so much for you once the damage has already occurred- so healthy, daily preventative habits are some of the best things you can do for your skin.


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