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A few weeks before the holidays I was introduced to Dig Inn, a market to table “fast food” restaurant that New Yorkers might categorize as a “work day lunch spot.” Having been a freelancer for a while now working from home, I’d kind of fallen out of the loop with lunch spots for office professionals and was eager to check it out.  As it turns out, Dig Inn is the reincarnation of Pump Energy Food, a lunch joint that I did used to frequent while I was working an office job.  Pump was originally created for the New Yorker that craved healthy and nutrient rich foods- but the flip side was that it actually had that healthy (no butter, low sodium etc)  taste.  Dig Inn also serves healthy fare- but with the philosophy that being healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself- but rather eating dishes prepared with fresh, high quality, wholesome ingredients and making smart choices.  In other words, the food at Dig Inn taste delicious but are still made with a conscious effort to be good for you.


To live to the “delicious food” part, Dig Inn brought in chef Daniel Angerer to head up the kitchen.  Angerer, who has formerly trained with internationally renowned chefs such as Joel Robuchon, developed a comfortable menu with something for everywhere- whether you’re a meat lover or vegetarian. Some of the most popular dishes at Dig Inn include spicy meatballs and lemon chicken alongside great sides like balsamic mushrooms and roasted brussel sprouts. Ordering is centered around the idea of a marketplace- where you create your own plate by combining your choice of protein (or vegetarian option), grains and greens, and sides.  Even if you’re on that occasional (or for me, not so occasional) cleanse, Dig Inn has raw cold pressed green juices, fresh squeezed fruit juices and made to order shakes to supplement or replace your meal.

After trying a tasting of the offerings at Dig Inn, I can recommend a few favorites: guacamole (Dig Inn’s recipe is particularly fresh and delicious), braised beef (I’m a carnivore and I love the oregano and red wine vinegar), spicy meatballs (love anything spicy), honey bean & escarole (made with honey and cinnamon) and the tomato and cucumber salad. Of course, you should check out the extensive menu on their site, complete with pictures, ingredients and nutritional information.

There are five Dig Inn locations in New York City- and if you’re lucky- one near your office.


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