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So, confession: I’ve been hoarding eyeliners — specifically Tarte MultiplEYE Lash Enhancing Liquid Liner — and I’ve been holding out on telling you how great it is. I know, I’m a horrible person. Please forgive me. On the bright side, I don’t think I’m alone; they’re frequently “out of stock” at and celebrity makeup artists like Amy Nadine (Lauren Conrad, Kate Bosworth, Krysten Ritter) loooove them.

Luckily other retailers like Sephora and Ulta carry them, so my advice to you is this: If cat eyes are your thing, get thee to the Tarte aisle. In my recent 30-day quest to perfect the cat eye, I tried many liquid liners and this one came out on top as one of my favorite “natural” choices. I particularly like the super-fine tip (which took some getting used to at first) and the pitch-black, non-runny formula. (That’s what it looks like up there on my eye.) Last note: As far as the “lash enhancing” claim goes, all I can say is my lashes look healthy and long (for me) but I still need mascara — so don’t expect a visible miracle. Overall, great job, Tarte!


  1. Bryn  |  12 January 2012 at 5:35 AM

    I’ve been looking for a good liquid liner! Did you happen to try the MAC liner pen as well? Just wondering how they compare. Thanks!

  2. Charli  |  13 January 2012 at 7:32 PM

    If you mean MAC Fluidline or Liquid Eye Liner, those also looks amazing and are less expensive; however the former needs to be applied with a separate brush and the latter is in inkwell form. I like liquid liners in pen form so the Tarte liner is easier for me to use daily. Hope that helps!

  3. Laura  |  15 January 2012 at 12:01 PM

    There’s also the MAC Penultimate which is in pen form and it’s pretty awesome, and costs the same as the other MAC liners.

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