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Sephora has a new collection of eye shadows out called Prisma Chrome shadows that caught my eye right when I walked in the other day.  I love when the packaging of products is appealing as well and these certainly fit the bill for that.

The shadows come in individual compacts with a half-raised sort of wave pattern.  So pretty!  The shadows themselves are billed as bringing together the best features of baked, powder and cream shadows.  To me, they seem more like powder shadows, but I have to admit, when I first started playing with them, I just thought they were going to be cream shadows, for some reason.  I was totally surprised when I felt their texture and it was more powdery.

The shadows are available in ten different shades ranging from an opalescent pink beige to a dark plum and I really like the color selection.  There wasn’t one that I wouldn’t have been happy taking home with me.  I tried out three different shades – Shimmery Sand 10 (a light golden sand), Gold Reflection 20 (a bright yellow gold) and Sapphire Shine 30 (a royal blue).  I really like the finish on these – they’re very shiny and pigmented and they reflect light fabulously.  I especially like the bolder shades; I don’t have any colors in my (far too) vast collection that are the same as Gold Reflection and Sapphire Shine has very few dupes as well.

They’re bright and fun and would totally work for a dramatic colorful look for a night out.  And at only $15 each, it’s an easily justifiable purchase.  In fact, I have to return something at the mall tonight and I’m thinking of stopping in Sephora and picking up the Burgundy Gem shade.  I deserve it!

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