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DuWop is one of those brands that I always forget how much I like until I play around with their new products and then I fall in love all over again.  Those new/old discoveries are always great, aren’t they? 

Crush³ is a fun palette that contains all three of their previous Crush trios.  I was obsessed with the first one when it came out and used it until it was almost all gone and then somehow never got my hands on the next two, so I was super happy to have three trios together in one palette.  The shadows are all metallic shimmer jewel tones and they’re very pigmented with great color payoff.  They’re just fun colors – I’m especially partial to the purple and plum shades because they make my eyes look even greener.  If you layer them over a primer, they last even longer, so it’s a worthy step to add that to your routine with these.  At only $33, Crush³ is a good value to since there are 9 shadows in the palette.  If it sounds like something you’d like though, order it quickly because it’s a limited-edition and won’t be around forever.

If you’re a fan of lip plumpers, DuWop’s Venom Carousel is another limited-edition release that you definitely shouldn’t miss.  For $49, you get 6 different full-size versions of their famous lip plumpers – everything from the original to the new Blue Venom.  As a fan of lip plumpers, I can definitely say that DuWop’s are some of the best.   (I haven’t been without at least one tube of the original since I first tried it).  Each Lip Venom version has their signature cocktail of cinnamon, wintergreen, ginger, jojoba and avocado oil in it.  I can’t imagine ever getting anything injected into my lips to make them bigger (mostly because needles usually make me pass out!) but luckily with these, I don’t have to consider it.  (Also, you won’t have to worry about ending up with the dreaded trout pout with these.  What are some of those women thinking?!)

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