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The item getting the most play on my makeup counter these days isn’t a bright new lipstick or pretty eyeshadow, but rather  my new favorite makeup remover –NARS Removing Water. I guess it’s because it’s now my go-to product on lazy evenings (you know when you roll into your apartment way past your bedtime…) and on busy mornings (when you don’t wait for your foundation to dry before piling on the bronzer- bad idea).  Whenever I used to use water (to fix my makeup mistakes or simply take it off), I’ve replaced with NARS Removing Water and it’s made an incredible difference in both ease and effectiveness in getting the job done.

Unlike many other makeup removers, NARS Removing Water is gentle on the skin (no soap, oil, or alcohol) and uses botanicals to smooth and hydrate in the process (great for me since I don’t usually use toner). I love that it doesn’t leave my face feeling oily or greasy and I never feel like I have to take that extra step to wash off the makeup remover. My skin is left feeling refreshed and smooth- never filmy and never tight or dry. Another A+ product from NARS and going straight on our Obsessions list!


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