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You guys, I just love Bobbi Brown.  Love!  Her collections never disappoint me and most of the time, when I see them, I have a moment of, “Ooooh, that’s how I should wear those colors!”  Her Spring 2012 collection, Neons & Nudes, falls exactly into that category.  I just adore the way she has the pops of color on the lips, while everything else is soft and muted.  I tend to find myself falling into the same pattern of always emphasizing my eyes and doing a nude lip, so this is a perfect way to get me out of my rut and shake up my look. 

The Ultra Nude Eye Palette is a great way to pick up some neutral shadows.  The six shades are all in the brown/bronze family and range from light to dark.  What’s nice is that while the palette leans toward the natural look, you can also up the drama factor by using the dark Cocoa Berry Shimmer Wash shadow to get a nice smoky eye.  As far as I’m concerned, you can never have too many neutral shadows (or Bobbi Brown shades!) so this is a great one to add to your collection.

My favorite products in this collection though are the lip shades.  There are three new shades of Bobbi’s Sheer Color Lip Glosses in this collection – Citrus (a sheer neon orange), Cosmic Pink (a sheer neon pink) and Ultra Violet (a sheer violet pink).  The glosses are definitely sheer, so don’t expect a ton of color, but they’re shiny and moisturizing and do a nice wash of color perfect for work or running errands on the weekend.  They also look great layered over the three new shades of Lip Color – Atomic Orange, Neon Pink and Uber Beige.  I love, love, love Atomic Orange.  It’s very bright so I’m sort of working up to wearing it outside of my apartment, but it’s so vibrant and fun and trendy for spring.  If you can pull this color off, go for it!

If you’d rather have the pops of color on your eyes, the collection also includes two new shades of Eye Shadow – Ultra Violet Shimmer Wash and Blue Bell Eye Shadow.  These look great with a nude lip (like the new Uber Beige shade) since they’re bold and bright and any more color on your lips would definitely be overkill.  They’re really fun shades, especially since they’re a little bit of a departure for Bobbi with her often subdued eye colors.  I especially love Ultra Violet – it’s so shimmery and pearlized and just… pretty.  I’m partial to purple shadows anyway because of my green eyes, but this one is so colorful it really brings out the green in them, making me love it even more.

The collection also includes an Ink Liner, a liquid liner with a felt tip, and two new shades of Blush, Nude Pink and Nude Peach, both soft and subdued.  You can check it all out on Bobbi counters now, so nude up!

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