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I’ve been really obsessed with juicing and cleanses lately, especially around the holidays when the fattening food was all over the place.  Since I was heading back to NJ for the holidays, I decided to do a cleanse for my first three days there, hoping to get at least a little detoxified while I was away from Los Angeles.  Since so many people had raved about the BluePrintCleanse, I decided this time I would try it out and hopefully reset my body a little. 

The cooler full of juicers was delivered right on time early that first morning.  (I love that you can get the juices sent right to your door – it’s so convenient).  I ordered the three day Foundation cleanse, which means that there are a total of six juices each day with three green juices daily.  (The other levels are Renovation and Excavation, which have different amounts of the green juices, or you can order any combination of juices you’d like on the website and design your own program).  Each morning started out with a green juice and I have to say, for all of you out there who are kind of wrinkling your noses and saying “Yuck” right now, trust me, you will grow to love the green juices.  The first time I ever did a cleanse, I had a hard time getting them down the first day, but now I crave them regularly and buy versions of them from the various juice places around Los Angeles as much as possible.  (And I just got a Vitamix, so I’m really looking forward to blending my own combinations).  After the first green juice came a Pineapple Apple Mint juice, which I can’t rave about enough.  So delicious!  The combo isn’t one I would’ve thought to make, but it’s so fresh and zingy and just overall amazing.  After that comes another green juice, then a bottle of the Spicy Lemonade, which helps to maintain your alkaline balance, and then another green juice.  Finally, the last juice of the day is the Cashew Milk, which is a little bit like a milkshake.  I liked the consistency of this drink better than the ones I’ve gotten in other cleanses.  It’s thick, but not so thick that it’s chunky so you can drink it down easily.  It’s a nice treat at the end of the day.

The cleanse itself is super easy to follow because the bottles are all numbered, so all you have to do is go in order.  You literally cannot get confused (as long as you can count to six!)  The juices can be delivered in batches of up to three days at a time because of the method that they use to make them – the hydraulic press system keeps the live enzymes intact for an extended period, so you’re getting the freshest, most nutritious juices available.  (So good for your body!)  When you’re doing the cleanse, yes you’ll get hungry, but it’s such a good feeling putting all the nutrients in your body, it makes it a little easier to stick to when you take a moment and think about what you’re doing.  (Although I have to admit, I cheated a little bit on this one on Christmas Eve, but since I’ve done other cleanses before and was able to stick with them, I can only blame the fact that there were mini hot dogs around.  I cannot pass up Pigs in a Blanket, but in my defense, I only have them once a year and come on, it was Christmas Eve!)  I really enjoyed the BluePrint juices though, and I even got a few members of my family to try them and they all thought they were delicious (the Pineapple Apple Mint was especially a big hit).  I also love the feeling that comes after you’ve finished a cleanse.  I just feel so much lighter and healthier and all around just better.  I highly recommend checking them out if you’re thinking about trying a cleanse or even just want to pick up a few of the juice to supplement your daily nutrition.  To get more information or place an order, visit or call them at (888) 252-5150.

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  1. jeni  |  1 February 2012 at 1:43 AM

    Interesting! I’ve never tried a cleanse before, although I’m tempted to now.

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