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If I had to pick one product that’s completely revolutionized my makeup routine, it’d be Laura Geller’s Baked Highlighter. No small feat, considering the bounty of technology and science-infused products on the market, but learning how to use her highlighter effectively has changed my life (and face contours.) From reporting backstage at New York Fashion Week, I’ve long observed makeup artists brandishing highlighters for final touch-ups before pushing models out on the runway, but never knew how to use it effectively on my own face. I was scared. I have a young looking face to begin with (both a blessing and a curse) and like 99% of the population, don’t have the model-like cheekbone definition. Would highlighter even look good? Would it even look different? Would I look like a young Asian gymnast competing in her first Olympics match or a child who stumbled through some glitter rave?

Yes, yes, and no. Picking the right product is half the battle and Laura Gellar’s highlighter is a delicately milled, super fine, subtly pink/peach shimmer. It’s an optimal mix of pink, peach, and white tones, so that it blends effortlessly and wordlessly into your skin, leaving¬† behind the subtlest radiant sheen. It’s sheer, not glittery at all, and a little bit goes a long way. It comes with a dual-sided sponge tip applicator that you can use to dab on your cheekbones, inner eye corners, and temples.¬† My to-go trick has been using this on top of my bronzer (Benefit Dallas), blush (Nars Luster), and then dusting this on top of my cheeks and on the sides of my eyes. Its luminosity directs and catches the light as it spotlights your best features, whether it be your rosy cheeks, glossy eyelashes, or enviable bone structure. It’s a great pick-me-up, for when you feel like your complexion has lost its luster or could use some brightening.

The Laura Geller Baked Highlighter retails for $26.50 and can be found on QVC and the Laura Geller site. Bonus for NYC residents, she is having her semi-annual sale on the 31st. Go behind the jump to find out the details.

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