FashionInsider’s Obsessions: Cecilia Wong

We love Cecilia Wong’s brand of gentle yet effective skincare and her holistic approach to health and beauty. After experiencing one of her amazing custom facials and trying her products, we were curious to learn more about the lady behind the brand.  Read on below as we get the scoop on her latest obsessions!

ONE.  Herbalism. Growing up, my family practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine. We used herbs in every way possible. You could say this rubbed off on me, as I now incorporate my knowledge of herbs into my products. I’m really into studying the benefits and effectiveness of herbs and how they affect the aging process. It’s fascinating!

TWO.  Cecilia Wong Skincare Black Currant Serum. Inspired by my love of juicing and the signature product in my natural skincare line, this divinely rich serum is packed with vitamins and nutrients. It only takes a few drops of this serum applied daily to my face and neck to hydrate and fight off fine lines and wrinkles. My skin glows instantly!

THREE. The Barnes and Noble Nook Color. I love to read and collect books, but life in the city means space is limited. The Nook allows me to own and read as many books as I want at a time, without cluttering my home – or handbag!

FOUR.  Andrea Bocelli’s Music. His voice is like an angel and it calms my mind and soul. My morning ritual is to burn aromatherapy candle, turn on his music and meditate. My all time favorite song of his is “Caruso”.

FIVE. Hong Kong. Hong Kong is my favorite place to be. It truly is a city that never sleeps! There is so much energy, great shopping, food, surroundings (that rivals NYC) and people.

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