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For those of you still on the hunt for a fabulous neutral palette, LORAC has a great entry in their spring collection.  Unzipped comes with ten shadows in shades ranging from the light vanilla Undercover to the dark chocolate brown Untamed and every shade in between.  Basically, it covers every shade variation in the brown family that you could ever want.  It’s a really versatile palette because you can use it for both daytime and nighttime looks, plus the finishes range from shimmers to mattes, so you get a nice cross-section of shadows to choose from.  The shadows themselves have nice pigmentation and blend easily, making the palette a good bargain at only $40.  They’ve also made it easy to pack, since it’s pretty thin and made of cardboard (with the cutest fake zipper on the cover to go with the name).  It even comes with a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer, which makes me very happy because I always want to take eye primer with me when I travel, but the big sizes are way too bulky.  This one’s perfect.  It’s like LORAC knew I was finally going on a vacation and hooked me up!

Also new for spring are LORAC’s Lips With Benefits glosses.  Love these!  They’re available in four different shades – Alex (a berry color), Josh (a fresh pink), Nick (a light pink shimmer) and Mark (a neutral peach).  They have a mix of açaí berry, pomegranate extract, and Vitamin C and Vitamin E in them, so they’re super moisturizing, plus they’re  not that sticky for a gloss, which I appreciate.  The most fun thing about them is the design in the tube.  They all have a pattern to them (that probably isn’t the right word to use to describe it, but I couldn’t think of a better one).  It’s like a zigzag of another shade in the actual color, which not only looks cool, but lets you mix it in with the wand for a subtle change in color.  (Although I have to admit, I like the way it looks too much to actually do that – it’s too pretty to mess up!)  The glosses are scented with a crème brûlée fragrance that makes me happy every time I sniff it (and hungry!)  Is it time for dessert yet?

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