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At my job, I recently started working on some projects in Asia..from New York.. which means I’m keeping some odd hours these days. Whereas I used to be able to get up early enough in the morning to curl my hair, recently I’ve been finding that I’m sleeping in much later in the mornings (since I’m taking conference calls at 10pm the night before). In order to maximize my shut eye in the mornings, I’ve even taken to showering at night- which usually means only one thing. Wild hair when I wake up.

Luckily I discovered Redken’s Tousle Whip Soft Texturizing Cream Wax– a true hair lifesaver for the busy gal who doesn’t have time to manage hair in the morning.  The lightweight product is silky smooth and instantly polishes my tresses without any stickiness or greasiness.  After I towel dry at night, I work it into damp hair and then twist a few sections into buns.  Then I let my hair set in the buns overnight and in the morning, I blow dry the roots for just a few minutes before releasing them.  The incredible thing is, not only does Tousle Whip create that great wavy/curly style I love, it also adds just enough volume to make the whole thing look  polished rather than beachy.  And to top it off, the product helps hold the style all day while the formulation adds bounce and softness. Minimal effort, maximum results.

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  1. Kerri  |  1 March 2012 at 1:21 PM

    Your post convinced me to stop by the salon and buy this on my way home from work. Can you please tell me more about your night time buns (I.e where do you place them on your head and how do you secure them so that they stay put while you sleep?). Thanks!

  2. Carolyn  |  1 March 2012 at 7:34 PM

    Hi Kerri- I usually split my hair into 2 in sections and roll them up into buns (about 4 or 5 total). A couple closer to the crown of my head and the others more towards the bottom. I usually secure with a soft thick hair tie and for extra safety I wrap over it with a thick headband. In the morning, I blow dry ON the buns as well as at the roots. Let me know how you like it!!!

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