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Hairdryers, like everything else in beauty, has it’s prestige brands and its mass brands.  And like everything else in beauty, the mass stuff has really stepped up its game and is quickly becoming as good as a lot of the prestige stuff- but at a much more affordable price.  Case in point: the new Revlon QuietPro Dryer which promises to cut drying time and noise by 50% each, while retailing for a very reasonable $30.

I took this new hair dryer out for a spin this morning and was quite impressed with it.  For years, I’d actually sworn off drugstore dryers in favor of Paul Mitchell and T3 tools because of how much quicker they could dry my massive head of hair.  The Revlon QuietPro produces about the same kind of results as my stash of prestige dryers, getting my mane of chest length hair dried in about five to ten minutes.  This, by the way, is eons ahead of how fast other drugstore dryers can do the job.

But the best part of the Revlon QuietPro is the fact that actually is quiet. With most dryers, there’s a low hum when turned onto its lowest settings and then a straight up shrill noise when turned on high. The Revlon QuietPro never gets louder than that low hum which is fantastic but takes a while to get accustomed to since I’ve never associated that low noise level with high drying power.  But I’m sure I can get used to that.

The Revlon QuietPro™ dryer will be available at Wal-Mart and Ulta stores this month for $29.99 – $34.99

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  1. Starwitch  |  10 April 2012 at 8:45 PM

    Thanks for the review. I just bought this dryer at Walmart ($39) and I noticed after getting it home that it doesn’t mention the wattage on the package. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I wondered if they had lowered the wattage to make it quiet, even though the box says “professional wattage”, but still… why not just give us the number if they aren’t trying to hide it? But I feel better having read your review, hearing that it dried your hair quickly. I love how quiet it is! I’ve heard that loud hair dryers can actually cause hearing damage.

    I noticed an awful smell coming from the dryer the first time I used it. It filled the whole bathroom. Hopefully that won’t last long. Maybe it’s just burning something nasty off of the heater, I guess. That doesn’t sound good though since that probably means it’s a chemical smell. Lovely. Well anyway, thanks, and I hope you’re still enjoying your dryer.

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