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Prestige skincare brand SK-II, famous for their miracle ingredient Pitera has just gotten even more luxe with the newest additions to their LXP line. LXP which stands for “luxury multipled by Pitera” are the brand’s creme de la creme (no pun intended) products which contain the most amount of Pitera.  What does Pitera do again? A quick refresher- this patented ingredient derived from sake yeast by SK-II scientists after they noticed that Japanese workers’ hands were unusually youthful after working with the yeast, promises long lasting hydration, speeds up the skin’s own natural rejuvenation process, and acts like an antioxidant – all contributing to a more youthful appearance with continual use.  And judging by the legions of SK-II fans who flock to the line, Pitera and the line of products which contain it, really do work.

The new LXP products has now taken all that good stuff and elevated it into something even more potent and luxurious- all encased within a gorgeous gold bottle. The Ultimate Revival Cream and Ultimate Revival Serum also both rich in select vitamins, minerals and botanical.  Of note is SK-II’s own “Rose Absolute” – a rose extract that is distilled from the flower the day it is picked. The super fresh ingredient is therefore at its most potent and contributes to the hydrating properties of the product as well as helps it bind to the skin more effectively.

And from a user point of view, SK-II LXP products are as luxurious as you can get from unpackaging the product to scooping the cream with the gold spatula. At $350 for the cream and $200 for the serum, you’re not just getting a ultra premium product, but experience as well.


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