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Raise your hand if you’ve ever just tucked your regular bra straps into the cups because you didn’t have/couldn’t be bothered with/didn’t like your strapless bra.  I’ll admit I’ve done it on more than one occasion because I couldn’t find a strapless bra I actually really liked. That is, until I came across Va Bien’s Ultimate Convertible Strapless Bra– and now I no longer need to tuck in my bra straps (I can just remove them).

When I wear anything strapless, whether it’s a dress, top or bra, my #1 complaint is that I feel like I constantly have to give it that upward tug.  Va Bien’s strapless bra, however, prevents that problem by hugging you underneath your breasts so that they feel supported- rather than doing the supporting. The edges are also lined in soft silicone which prevents the bra from budging or sliding. With Va Bien, I never have to fiddle with or tug at my bra and that helps keep whatever I’m wearing on the outside in place too.

The bra also features their patented Ultra Lift boned cups that go up to an I, which provides the necessary support for the ladies on the higher end of the size spectrum.  The cup technology also helps add size, shape, and lift- all good things for smaller gals like me.  Finally- a strapless bra that makes you feel confident and makes your clothes look great!


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