Beauty, FragranceThe Beachy Fragrance You’ve Been Waiting For and It’s Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston is not one of those celebrity fragrances. By that, I mean the kind you suspect you smell when you are crammed on the 6 train, sardine-style, next to someone whose eau is so repellent that you assume she must be wearing Mermaid’s Fatal Kiss or something similarly named from Paris Hilton. Jennifer Aniston is the kind of scent that is so warm, summery, and subtle (a word you rarely hear attached to any celebrity), that people act genuinely surprised when you tell them it’s the Jennifer Aniston perfume (cue similar reactions with Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B.)

True to Aniston’s image, the fragrance is total beach girl. It’s the perfume equivalent of that trick of being able to hear the ocean through a seashell, except in smell. My favorite thing about it is the strong jasmine top note. Jasmine was a strong scent memory for Aniston, who grew up smelling blooming night jasmine on warm summer evenings in California. Despite not growing up in California (cough, New Jersey), my mom and I had a mini jasmine tree of our own, and I spent two summers trying to make jasmine flower pressed bookmarks a thing (remember when pressing flowers was a blatant girl hobby?), before I finally gave up. The jasmine flowers never stayed pressed or completely came apart, but the essential oils and the scent are the one thing that did linger.

Mixed in with the jasmine are robust notes of amber and sandalwood, which add a touch of musky saltiness to cut through the sweetness of the jasmine.  This is the kind of scent I want wafting through my room on a night so breezily warm you can sleep without the air conditioner on and the windows open (Jennifer, please start working on a scented candle for this–stat!)  The fragrance retails starting at $39 and you can find it here.


  1. Lindsay  |  18 March 2012 at 2:41 PM

    This sounds lovely! I never thought I would want a celebrity fragrance but now I do. Thanks 🙂

  2. Kathleen  |  19 March 2012 at 6:32 AM

    It is a really pretty fragrance. Let me know how you like it!

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