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I’ve been obsessed with Butter London’s polishes since I first started using them (I’ve gone through THREE bottles of All Hail the Queen!) so I was beyond excited when I heard that they were branching out into lipgloss, especially once I found out that they were going to be in the same shades as some of their most popular polishes.  They’re starting off with five shades and I finally got my hands on three of them (I might’ve shrieked like a little girl when I opened the package).

I tested out Teddy Girl, a pale retro bubblegum pink, Trout Pout, a creamy peach-cantaloupe color and Primrose Hill Picnic, a tropical fuchsia pink.  All three of them were nicely pigmented and they’re moisturizing without being too sticky.  There is nothing I hate more than a sticky gloss that makes my hair weld to it in the wind.  That drives me insane and luckily, these past the breeze test.  I really like that the glosses aren’t see thru – for $17, I want my gloss to come with color and these definitely do that.  They do have a strong scent to them – I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but make sure you like it before you buy one because it lingers on your lips for awhile.  I really love how close Butter London was able to make the colors to their polish counterparts – when they’re next to each other, they’re virtually identical, which is good news because their shade selection has always been fabulous.  Now they just really, really need to make an All Hail the Queen gloss for me.  Pretty please?

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