We were recently introduced to Rahua by one of our savviest friends who always amazes us with her haircare findings. The secret comes from the Amazon, women of the Quechua-Shuar tribes use Rahua (Pronounced “ra-wa”, best described as a “highly potent, restorative oil”) to keep their hair thick, shiny and healthy. In the 1990s. this magic serum was passed on to New York colorist stylist, Fabian Lliguin, hailing from Equador of Quechua descent.

Now with a full line of Amazon Beauty products featuring Rahua as a key ingredient it will save you (and your carbon footprint!) the trek into the rainforest. Not only is the product all natural, organic and free of synthetics but it creates sustainable business partnerships with many nations of Amazonian women and a percentage from each sale goes towards protecting the Amazon Rainforest.

Already feeling warm and fuzzy? Rahua won’t just make you feel good, it will make your hair look amazing. Because it is alcohol free there is nothing but volume and shine – helmet-head is a thing of the past! Also, don’t be worried about it smelling too “natural”, the scent is certainly part of the appeal. Our favorite product so far has to be the Voluminous Spray ($28)!

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