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For a beauty writer, I go an embarrassingly long time between hair salon appointments. I literally get my hair cut once a year. Highlights are a bi-yearly occurrence. Terrible, I know. Last year, I tried to pretend my highlight roots were the newest ombre hair trend. But my four inches of pitch-black roots weren’t fooling anyone–this was no intentional ombre or attempt to be trendy. The final sign that I had to get the situation under control was when a guy I was dating commented about “how I was going back to my natural hair color.” This was a dude that was oblivious to any kind of sartorial change and could tell zero difference between five pairs of Warby Parkers I once modeled for him. So, clearly–a problem that needed to be addressed ASAP.

If you’re a faithful What Not to Wear watcher, you’re already familiar with the name Nick Arrojo and his gentle, practically Hippocratic manner.He’s probably never sworn an official oath, but you know he would never do harm to your hair, and that’s the attitude you feel from his fellow stylists and colorists at his signature salon.

Inva and John Shannon were both true professionals and genuine encyclopedias of haircolor and cut knowledge. I normally warn all potential haircolorists of the Tony the Tiger highlights disaster of 2008, but I needn’t have even bothered with Inva, as she knew exactly what I wanted: glossy, natural, silky tones of chestnut and cappuccino (think Zooey Deschanel tones). She custom-blended shades and artfully weaved them throughout my hair, adding dimension and warming up my complexion. And best of all? Zero hint of orange, blonde, or brassiness in the whole thing. Although I didn’t try it this time, Inva’s own girly, rock-n-roll, ombre locks had me re-considering my conservative choice.

John Shannon was a master with the hair razor, shedding weight, and masterfully adding shapes and layers. He equated using a razor versus shears to the softness of a sketch achieved with charcoal and shading versus pencil. Working inch-by-inch, John slashed and weaved, adding texture and movement through my hair. And the result was a swingy, loose, soft haircut that has grown out so organically that some of my friends still tell me that my hair looks “fresh-cut.”

You can find Inva and John Shannon at Arrojo Studio, located at 180 Varick Street at (212) 242-7786.

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  1. Lindsay  |  11 May 2012 at 8:47 PM

    Glad I am not the only beauty writer who shuns hair cuts! But John sounds amazing – need to see him next time I am in NYC.

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