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It’s crazy to me that we’re already seeing a lot of summer collections in stores because I haven’t even begun to play around with all the fabulous spring collections that I have.  It’s not summer yet, people!

Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Nudes collection is new for spring and it’s one you’re not going to want to zoom past on your way to the hot and lazy days of summer.  First of all, the Sparkle Eye ShadowsOh, the Sparkle Eye Shadows!  As someone who loves playing around with sparkle in my makeup, I adore these.  They’re available in four shades – Ballet, a light pink glitter, Mica, a heather grey sparkle, Silver Moon, a light silver glitter and Sunlight, a golden glitter.  The sparkle on these is delightful because it’s clearly there and prominent, but it doesn’t take over and make you look like you’re dressing up for Halloween.  They also have exceedingly low fallout for glitter shadows.  If I put primer on first and then blend the Sparkle Eye Shadows on carefully, except for a few stray pieces of glitter that are inevitable, the sparkle is only on my eyes.  I’m very happy about that because there’s nothing worse than looking in the mirror at work and realizing you look like a crazy person because your entire face is sparkling at 11am.  Not a good moment in my life!

If you’re dying to sparkle and can’t see yourself committing to shadow, make sure you pick up the new Crystal Glitter Lip Gloss.  I’m obsessed with this product at the moment.  It’s a sheer gloss infused with fine, light reflecting flecks of glitter and it’s so, so pretty.  You can wear it alone or layer it over any of your other lip products for such a fun sparkle.  I might need to get a backup of this one just in case I use up the original!

The collection also has some other new lip products in it.  The Brightening Lip Glosses are available in three new shades – Lilac Pearl, a lavender pink with pearl, Pink Lilac, a pale icy pink violet, and Pink Opal, a pink with opal pearl.  All three are very light and sheer – perfect for spring – and the reflective properties in them help to make your lips look fuller.  (But those of you with an aversion to lip plumpers, don’t worry.  These don’t sting at all).  I love Bobbi’s sheer glosses because they look so good with a smoky eye, but you can also easily pair them with a softer eye look during the day.

The last piece in the collection is the Brightening Finishing Powder, which I haven’t had a chance to try yet, but have been coveting since I saw it at my local Bobbi counter.  It just looks gorgeous in the compact, with its different shades that you blend together to brighten the look of your skin.  I usually put on a light dusting of bronzer every morning to wake up my pale skin, but I’m dying to try this instead and see if it’s a softer look.  Has anybody gotten their hands on it yet?  I must know if I need to run out and grab it!

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