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Spring is in full bloom and we’re totally jumping on board with the floral trend- from dresses to shorts to- naturally, fragrances. Gone are the days of wearing musky or spicy scents that paired better with furs and muffs than strapless dresses and sandals. But when it came down to finding our signature floral fragrance for the season- it took us a little big longer than we thought. After trying loads of perfumes, we ended up thinking all the floral ones ended up smelling- well, the same.

Then we discovered the new London Blooms Collection from Jo Malone London– a threesome of spring floral that smells as far from generic as you could get. The perfumes are based off some familiar notes: Iris, Lilac and Peony but each fragrance has something special and unusual thrown in. The result- three sophisticated floral scents that are completely unique and unexpected.

The first of the three London Blooms Collection fragrances is Iris & Lady Moore.   Iris, you know and love as a beautiful floral scent that’s very pretty (and familiar) – but instead of being boring, this fragrance is multidimensional because of the added layer of Lady Moore Geranium. This scent, which was obtained by steam distillation of the stems and buds is sourced from Egypt and provides a spicy counterpoint to the more powdery, floral Iris.

The second fragrance in the collection is White Lilac and Rhubarb.  This fragrance, again, juxtaposes something familiar with something unexpected. In this case, the lilac presents the feminine and romantic scent but the rhubarb adds a tinge of tartness to temper the full aroma of the lilac. The result? A unique floral fragrance that is neither too sweet nor too heady.

Completing the trio is my favorite scent of the season: Peony and Moss. As Jo Malone’s website describes, this fragrance contrasts the “dainty and the dirty.”My initial impression from this fragrance is that it’s actually very green and earthy and the scent of the peony floats above that base.  All the notes roll into one very complex fragrance and throughout the day sometimes I get a whiff of the earthy tones and sometimes the light, feminine peony. Definitely one of the most unique scents out there and a very modern and sophisticated interpretation of the floral scent.

For more information, check out the London Blooms Collection at your nearest Jo Malone counter!

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