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One of the latest shampoo trends is- well- not really using that much shampoo.  Whether it’s because they want to preserve their color, not dry out their hair, or prevent it from being exposed to too many harsh ingredients- many people are embarking on a new type of shower regime- the low-poo wash. Now L’Oreal has introduced that concept to the mass market for the first time with their new Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner, a low-poo formulation that also cleans and conditions in one step.

The product is formulated with 1 part shampoo with every 3 parts conditioner, so it’s an extremely moisturizing treatment with the added benefit of a gentle cleaning.  Lest you start thinking that this sounds a bit like the dreaded all-in-one-shampoo-conditioners that always leave my hair in a dry tangled mess, rest assured that the L’Oreal Evercreme Cleansing Conditioner is first and formost a conditioning treatment, and leaves your hair feeling silky, smooth and nourished. The product is also sulfate, silicone, and paraben free and formulated with botanicals and 100% vegan. It’s also absent of heavy waxes so never leaves your hair feeling coateded or weighted down.

So how does the product perform?  I personally love it! I don’t notice any changes in how clean my hair feels from when I was using a daily shampoo and my hair does feel extremely moisturized, silky and tangle free.  The main thing to get used to is that the product doesn’t really lather so it can feel kind of flat on the head during showering.  I usually just pump some more product when that happens and use it all over, scalp and ends.

To find out more, check out ULTA Beauty or The best part is that it retails for only $5.99-$6.99!

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