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Dianna Burmas is the co-founder of Australian beauty company, Mor Cosmetics. We dearly love the bath, body and lifestyle products – from the beautifully packaged soaps that are always gift-ready to the delicious scents of their candles. Find out more about what Dianna is obsessing over this month, just below! 

ONE. Altuzarra Shoes — Creating the ‘illusion’ of height on my 5’6” frame is always a pleasure when I slip on a pair of Altuzarra heels. These vertiginous stilts look great with skinny jeans, pants or a dress.

TWO. Kale — I love steaming it with chilli and garlic. I could eat it everyday. I’m obsessed with this green bundle of goodness.

THREE. The Secret Teachings of All Ages — I am half way through this massive book, written in 1928, by Manly P Hall. The profound wisdom teachings and observations of this well known esoteric philosopher serves my obsession in the study of arcane mystery teachings and hermetic wisdom.

FOUR. Globetrotter Orient Luggage — I love my Globetrotter ‘Orient’ luggage- it turns the madness of travel into a pleasure. The finish on the casing is a type of hand-lacquer technique called ‘Urushi’ from Japan and the interior of the case is fabric lined in case you didn’t get your fix of detailing! Love, love, love…!

FIVE. Apothecary Jars & Bottles — Authentic vintage apothecary bottles and jars are getting more difficult to come by, but if the price is right, I always like to add a new one to my collection. They look amazing en masse on top of an old display cabinet.

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