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In between rooftop BBQs and pool parties, sometimes a gal can forget to book that all important bikini wax during the summer.  And until I discovered Schick’s Quattro Trimstyle Razor for Women, I always thought that the at-home alternative could be quite uncomfortable.  I mean, who wants to use wax strips on themselves or deal with ingrown hair and irritation from shaving? That’s why the new Trimstyle Razor is genius: on one end you’ve got the Schick’s signature 4 blade razor (best for use on your legs or other less sensitive areas) and the flip side is a bikini trimmer which helps to shape the area without causing the irritation that straight up shaving can.

Schick’s Quattro Trimstyle is also designed for women’s body; the heads pivot in specific angles to move alongside your curves.  The entire product is also waterproof so you can use the bikini trimmer while you’re already in the shower shaving your legs. The bikini trimmer side also offers three lenghts of trim depending on how you adjust the comb- or you can even remove the comb for a super close trim.  The best part is that unlike shaving, you won’t get irritated. You could use the trim feature in between spa visits- or if you get really busy, in place of them all together.  This all-in-one product has quickly replaced all the other random razors scattered around my bathroom and become the go-to for all my grooming needs.

This season, Schick’s introduced this razor in a great new hot pink color which immediately puts me in a festive summer mood. The best part is that you can replace the 1AAA battery that operates the trimmer and the razor as needed so the $10 or so investment you make to get it will take you through all summer and beyond.

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