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While simple and effective sensitive skincare products help to achieve and maintain a healthy complexion, it’s only one part of the formula. For you best skin, a balanced life and diet does wonders to help your skin glow. Just as you would refrain from putting overly processed chemicals with extra irritants on your face, you should also avoid putting processed foods inside your body. After all, as you’ve heard, the skin is the largest organ in your body and naturally will reflect the overall state of your health.

In order to eat for the best skin, look for foods that are rich in many of the same nutrients and antioxidants that you would look for in skincare products. For example, a lot of Simple’s facial skincare products contain ingredients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E- so also eat foods that are naturally rich in those vitamins. A few of my favorite foods that are healthy AND delicious? Read on below!Ā 

Almonds: These yummy snacks are rich in Vitamin E which actually acts as a natural sunblock! A Men’s Health study found that participants who ate about 20 almonds a day actually burned less when exposed to UV rays than those who didn’t eat any. This doesn’t mean you can skip the SPF, but who knew these delicious nuts have such amazing properties? Just make sure to eat them raw to avoid unnecessary traditional fats, sugar and sodium.

Carrots: We’ve all heard of retinoids, or Vitamin A, having amazing anti-aging properties. Well, definitely reach for the carrots, which are loaded with Vitamin A and helps fight blemishes in addition to keeping those wrinkles at bay. Just make sure to reach for a natural hummus or yogurt dip to go along with them, not the canned veggie dips which are full of preservatives (yuck).

Green Tea: Not only is green tea one of my favorite beverages, it’s also a wonder-food. Green tea leaves are packed with antioxidants that do a slew of wonderful things like prevent skin cancer, prevent inflammation, and actually may even help reverse sun damage after it’s occurred. You can drink it (hot is best) or even use it cooled on your lids to help with any eye-puffiness. Just remember to be gentle on the sweeteners!

Foods rich in Vitamin B5: You may notice that a lot of Simple’s sensitive skincare products are rich in Vitamin B5, because it’s amazing for the skin. In fact, I used to take B5 pills to help keep my skin clear! In addition to being a blemish zapper, Vitamin B5 also helps your skin to retain moisture, heal and regenerate. So what are some foods that are naturally loaded with this skin loving nutrients? Luckily a bunch of my favorites: broccoli, corn, squash, eggs, mushrooms, fish, and avocados. Oh and some of my favorite decadent fancy foods: caviar and pate. Who said eating for skin health had to be boring?

This post was created in connection with my appointment as an ambassador in the SimpleĀ® Skincare Program. Visit to share your story on sensitive skin.


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