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Being a beauty blogger, it’s pretty hard for me to stick to a skincare regimen. I feel like my bathroom is always full of once or twice used products-of-the-moment that I’m trying. However, I did manage to buckle down and stay exclusive to the iconic 5 step skincare regime from Somme Institute- and for good reason: I have 5 weddings to be at this summer and need to have my best face forward for all the Facebook pictures!

The Somme Institute 5-Step Regimen isn’t new; in fact, I remember first using it as a senior in college at the recommendation of a friend. And while the company has put forth many new products since then, the 5 Step Regimen really has stood the test of time, seeing that college was many, many years ago for me.

The 5 Step Regimen consists of a cleanser, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. Even though 5 steps seems a bit intimidating to remember every morning, it’s actually super easy to use because each step has a purpose and are steps you should naturally take anyway. What I love about the Somme Institute program is that everything I need is there- and I never have to worry about mixing or matching a variety of products. While each product can be used individually, for best results, all five should be used in conjunction as they contain unique ingredients that work together to fight all the bad things that could happen to your skin- wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, dry skin, oily skin, etc.

That’s right- dry skin and oily skin, wrinkles and discoloration- the Somme Institute 5 Step Regimen is suited for all skin types and promises to address any skin concerns or conditions. As a beauty blogger, I’m also trained to believe that different types of skin and different conditions need customized skincare. So how can Somme Institute promise a 1 regimen for every solution approach? Well the products all contain their patented technology MDT5, which is a delivery system that gets all the vitamins and nutrients in the product straight to the source where the skin needs them the most. In other words, while the use of the products is topical, the ingredients actually get way deeper into the skin because of this delivery technology. This also allows the products to send specific ingredients to targeted areas of the skin to repair the skin from within. Thus, the products are not just addressing the symptoms of skin conditions, but actually helping the skin heal and revitalize itself. And who is better suited for creating customized results than your own skin?

The 5 steps of the process are:

Step 1: Nourishing Cleanser (non-foaming/non-irritating)
Step 2: Transport (gentle exfoliant pads)
Step 3: Serum (with Vitamin C)
Step 4: A-Bomb (moisturizer with Vitamins A and E)
Step 5: Double Defense (SPF 30+)

And the results? Absolutely radiant! My skin has really gotten much clearer and my complexion more even since I dedicated myself to using the Somme Institute Regimen- just in time for wedding season. And my bathroom counter says it best- 5 near empty bottles of Somme Institute, and a full counter of barely dabbled-in products.  The full kit costs $298 but there’s also a super cute travel sized version of all 5 for $85 for those who aren’t ready to make the full commitment yet.

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  1. Amy  |  22 June 2012 at 6:09 AM

    I’ve been searching for a new skincare line and this may be the ticket. The Rene Rouleau products interested me, but they’re fairly expensive and they don’t refund if you aren’t thrilled. (they offer an exchange, but no refund) I like that I can try the travel set, which is a much smaller investment if they dont’ work for me.

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