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How is Stila’s fall collection already making an appearance online?!  I just finished playing around with some pieces from the summer collection!  Time is going by too fast this year and someone needs to put a stop to it!  I haven’t even been to an official beach party yet and it’s already almost August.  Unacceptable!

Stila’s new Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara is the perfect summer choice for a mascara because it’ll last through humidity and sweat, which I’m loving because of the uber hot days we’ve had in Los Angeles in the past month or so.  I can honestly say that I haven’t looked very put together at all when I’m running around outside, but my mascara’s looked great!  I like the applicator a lot – it’s a 3-D triangular brush that has three rows of combing bristles that are meant to lift, lengthen, and define all of your lashes.  I’m not sure whether it’s the brush or the formula, but using it makes my lashes look really thick and long without a lot of clumps that I have to struggle to remove before I can walk out the door in the morning.  For the most part, I’ve always had really good luck with Stila’s mascaras and this one continues the streak.

Bronzer is a summer staple for me and my always pale self, so Custom Color Bronze came my way at the perfect time.  It’s technically a blush and I do like to use it when I just want a hint of color on my cheeks, but I’ve also been using it as an all-over bronzer and with a light hand during application, it works really well that way.  (Just be careful not to load up your brush too much or you’ll look like you have dirt all over your face!)  I kind of love that it comes in such a small compact too.  Most bronzers are just so comically big that they’re impossible to pack for a trip or even just throw in your purse, but this one slips right in – and it does double duty too!  Perfect.

The last new Stila summer product I tried was the One Step Illuminate.  I’ve grown to love primers over the past year or so, so I’m always looking for another good one to use in the morning to make me look more put together and presentable.  (You do not want to see me when I first roll out of bed.  I really need to start getting more sleep!)  This one has a few extras over “normal” primers though.  It’s three of Stila’s illuminators (Champagne, Pink and Kitten Shimmer) that are swirled together and then suspended in a serum that’s made to prime, brighten, warm and illuminate your skin.  (That’s a lot of things going on at once, but I promise, it all just somehow works).  Once it’s on, it makes my skin just look… better.  The formula doesn’t dry it out or make me break out, but it does make me look well-rested and diffuses all of my imperfections.  I’m so glad I started using primers last year.  How did I ever live without them?!

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