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Have you guys noticed that running races is the new thing? It seems like every weekend, someone I know is running, running a race. People I used to count on for closing out bar last call are now calling it an early night at 1 AM because they have to wake up at early the next day to go run a 3K that cost them $150. It’s been kind of a real evolution, so much so that I think a viable branch on the tree to “grownuphood” is being responsible enough to go home early on a Saturday night to run a race the next day.

So for my runner friends or athletes that want a lip product that color-boosting and longwear-enough to make your “crossed the finish line with my bib” picture Facebook-profile-worthy, I suggest Vincent Longo’s Pearlessence Lip and Cheek Gel Stain. It’s a sip, swim, sweat, run, workout-proof stain that can be used on your lips and cheeks to get that “I just worked out” flush. Presumably, if you’re already working out, you can skip putting this on your cheeks, but if you’re not, you can get that alive, circulation-boosting color too. The formula is creamy and cushy with an almost gel-like texture that glides onto your lips, thanks to the glycerin component of the ingredient list. The color deposits quickly in a thin film that gently “stains” the color. All of the colors have a slight “pearly” sheen to them (hence the product name) that make them wearable. No one wants to admit to wearing makeup at the gym or while working out (except for LA citizens and myself), but this is one product that is pretty and natural enough to make it perfectly acceptable to dash on pre-workout.

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