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Lipsticks and lipglosses are my thing. I count leaving the house without one pretty much the start of a bad day/night so to make sure it never happens, almost every handbag I own has at least 10 lip products stashed in the pockets.  You know, just in case. But this week I’ve been traveling and given that my clear, quart-sized bag is already packed to the brim with sunblock, perfume, moisturizers and makeup, I didn’t really have room for multiple sticks and glosses.  Instead, I packed a few of my all time favorite low-key, yet highly versatile lipbalms that give really beautiful color payoff so I feel totally confident wearing it whether I’m just sight-seeing or to a fancy dinner.  Also, all of these products help treat and moisturize my lips too so I don’t need to tote around anything extra. And the best part? Everything’s  just a few dollars and can be found at pretty much any drugstore.

Nivea a Kiss of Cherry: Long lasting moisture, high gloss finish and the sheer wash of cheery red. This is the perfect product for gloss addicts who prefer a shiner finish with just a touch of color.  Smooth lips, never waxy. Looks great on all skin tones and comes with SPF10 which makes it a great choice of beach or poolside lounging.


Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine This is the product for you if you want a low-shine, just kissed kind of finish with a smack of color.  The balm gives a great reddish-purple stain that actually lasts for quite some time.  The finish is less glossy than the Nivea balm but delivers a similar dose of moisture that keeps your lips hydrated without having to worry about constantly reapplying.


CoverGirl NatureLuxe Gloss Balms If you’re picky about your colors and want a real lipstick-ish feel to your balm, CoverGirl’s line of gloss balms are your best bet.  They’re still no-frills but comes in sixteen colors so you can pretty much pick and choose which shade you want to use for any outfit/occasion.  The finish is not sticky and the color is build-able but if you want constant full coverage color, you’ll have to touch up often.  I also love that the packaging is skinner and easily fits in any pocket.


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