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A lack of steady hands precludes me from every being a surgeon or a DIY nail specialist. Simple strokes turn into blobby messes, straight lines become wobbly diagonals, and I wind up needing 6 inefficient coats of polish to color one nail. But Laqa’s nail polish pens are, as touted “pens of awesomeness.” With them, I’m suddenly the girl that can do nonchalant home manicures while sitting at home while watching Gilmore Girls reruns.┬áThese pens evenly dispense pigments like “Incestuous” (a pretty pastel purple), “Squid Ink” (an eye-catching teal blue) and “Nookie” (a bright fuchsia pink mix) with an easy click-top so that you can cover an entire nail in two to three brush strokes. The colors dry quickly so you can build color, and the wide brush tip makes it easy to do simple nail designs like polka dots. Laqa also supports independent artists who design their one-of-a-kind packaging, and a proceed of each product’s sale supports the artists. Click, click!

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  1. Lindsay  |  23 August 2012 at 3:13 PM

    I remember hearing about these a while ago and thinking they were so cool! Glad to hear they are easy to use. Definitely on my list.

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