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“No I don’t want radiant, glowing skin”- said no one ever- which is probably why everyone I know who has tried the new NARSskin lineup of skincare products has loved it. Formulated with NARS’ exclusive “Light Reflecting Complex,” all the products in the collection ranging from the gentle cleanser to the serum to the eye cream is formulated to help uncover your skin’s natural radiance.  The range contains a blend of high tech technology and natural products to help stimulate skin and produce cell turnover. And while the product is working its magic to improve texture and overall skin health (don’t expect overnight results- with this or anything else), light reflecting prisms give an instant cosmetic makeover, diffusing imperfections and creating an overall glow. 

The product range is broken into two sections: cleanse/tone and treat.  From the first range, I tested the “Gentle Cream Cleanser” since I prefer a cream texture for my cleanser that doesn’t strip my face of any moisture. I found the cleanser to be very effective in removing all traces of makeup and left my face feeling very soft and comfy.  From the ‘treat’ range, I tried the “Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer” which is one of my favorite products this summer.  You see, while I need a moisturizer every day, I don’t need any extra help with greasiness in this weather. The moisturizer keeps my skin comfortable throughout the day but also absorbs practically instantly and doesn’t leave a film or any kind of oily/greasy/wet sheen.  It’s also really easy to apply makeup over the product and one of my favorite tricks is actually to mix a bit of foundation with this product because the moisturizer turns any foundation finish into a radiant finish.

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